The Nitty-Gritty

Dec. 18, 2018

Reframing the Mobile Question

According to ‘Think with Google’ consumer insights [1], “64% of online purchases this year have been completed on a smartphone.”

With half of all holiday shopping expected to be done online [2], this statistic is rather mind-boggling to someone who rarely, if ever, does their online shopping via their mobile phone! And, it also strongly suggests that a question I hear frequently - ‘what do users want to do on their phones’ - is not the right question for us to ask.

The reality is that no matter what the task or how complex it may seem, users want to be able to do any and all online tasks on their phone! The right question for us to focus on is how can we design this task, this data, this process to work easily and efficiently for our users, no matter what device they choose to use!

[1] Dashing to the stores: Last-minute holiday trends to watch Dec 2018
[2] 2018 Deloitte Holiday Retail Survey







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