Tara N. Bazler


Tara Bazler

Welcome, I'm Tara!

I am a user experience manager, researcher, and interaction designer with over 17 years of experience. I love the challenges involved in creating amazing systems to meet users needs while balancing system and business requirements, development deadlines, and production constraints. I am passionate about clean, effective designs and simplifying the process users must complete to accomplish their goals. I continue tirelessly to promote development processes that will result in better products including user-centered design, obtaining stakeholder feedback throughout the product lifecycle, using the best tools for the job, and user research. In addition, I'm a firm believer that the first step to any great product is including staff with the right skillsets on your team. User experience designers and user interface developers are key roles in the ever-changing world of web development.

Outside of my professional life, I love music, dancing, photography, and many outside activities. The keys to relaxing and recharging for me are found in hiking, running, kayaking - anything that allows me to explore the great outdoors. The simple but profound pleasures of time with good friends and family, the beauty of the changing leaves in fall, sunsets, and mountain vistas are what fuel my spirit.


520 N. Cabot Ct. Bloomington, IN 47408   •   Phone: 812.361.1810   •   Email: tnbazler@mac.com